Notice to Our Customers and Allergy Partners:

As a valued customer, Allermed Laboratories is pleased to inform you that GREER® will now be providing complete customer care and medical & technical support for Allermed customers. GREER has been a leading developer and provider of allergy immunotherapy products and services for over 100 years. Over the past decade, GREER has provided Allermed with numerous finished products as well as many of the source materials used to manufacture their extracts.

GREER’s product portfolio includes 50% glycerin extracts and aqueous extracts, single- and multiple-site skin testing devices, sterile diluents and sterile empty vials, and numerous ancillary supplies to accommodate your practice needs.

We encourage you to visit the GREER web site at

For Allergy Immunotherapy Products, click here.

For information on Candin®, click here. To place an order for Candin, contact 858.571.2726.

For more information on how GREER® can help you and your practice, visit or call a GREER Customer Care Specialist at 1.800.378.3906